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Satellite Empire

Satellite Empire has now broken up. This Website will serve as a way of remembering our fantastic time together. If you've never heard of us, then do find out more below...

Satellite Empire was a pop/rock band based in Leicester.

The band was formed in early 2012 by Liv and Olly through performances at Open Mic Nights. It soon became apparent that the songs they had written would be much more suited to an electric sound and so set about finding a bassist and drummer. Ben, friend to both Liv and Olly, swiftly offered to take the position of the drummer and Liv chose to learn the bass guitar so that the band could function as a 3 piece. The band then progressed on to playing numerous shows over Leicester, each of which being met with critical acclaim and positive reactions.

Satellite Empire's sound was instantly recognisable as a fusion of both pop and rock through the combination of Olly's punchy, memorable riffs, Ben's technical beats and Liv's melodic and catchy vocals. The band played both their own original songs and covers but choose to focus on their own compositions due to Liv and Olly's talents as songwriters.

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Fake It All (Single Version)


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